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Any place for turnkey custom builds/installs?

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  • Any place for turnkey custom builds/installs?

    Can anyone recommend a custom builder/installer for a medium to high end car/pc install? We're ready to buy an in-truck entertainment system, and I am just not satisfied with the pre-packaged market offerings out there (The Pioneer AVIC-Z1 and upcoming Z2 came closest, but the iPod integration is horrid, and that's very important to us). However, I believe I'd rather pay someone to at least build and test out a custom. Mainly because I'm asking a lot out of a system (all of which may not be possible):

    I'd like to be able to pipe a DVD stream to each of the 2 backseat headrest monitors, while listening to CD or MP3 at the front and having nav on the front screen. All the commercial offerings could do one stream to the back and nav/MP3 at the front, but not the second DVD stream.

    I don't want to waste anyone's time, but if the above is possible with a CarPC, I'd love to talk. I figure such a system is not cheap, but we're embarking on an extended period of RV travel with two kids, and two DVD players, with separate remotes, cords, constantly turning around while belted to help them won't work long term.