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CD-ROM in in-dash monitor mod?

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  • CD-ROM in in-dash monitor mod?

    I am looking for an article about modding a in-dash non-motorized VGA monitor by puting a DVD-rom into the empty space? Have anyone seen it and kind enough to point the link to me. TQ.

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    edit: Oh , I read motorized, well use the search button , its been done lots of times before.


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      what empty space are you refering to? I'm confused by the post. What monitor are we talking about.
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      Where can I get a roll of tin foil?
      I been looking for that all over the net, but I can't find it.
      Please help.


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        I don't quite remember what monitor is it? the is unused space at the bottom of monitor just like the link where they install a DVDROM or a CDRom? The link is very similar but is not the one i am refering too. But can be use as a referred.


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          I believe this is what you're looking for - modding a Xenarc 700-IDT to put in a slim optical drive in the empty space below:

          Edit: nevermind - I see this was already posted - for some reason my PC hiccupped and couldn't open the link so I just searched and found it myself - then noticed the thread ID.. O-well I stand by my post!

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