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Well Hello all, here is my car PC (sort of)

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  • Well Hello all, here is my car PC (sort of)

    Well I have finally started it. I am getting my software kinks worked out right now and getting where I want it mostly. I have decided to keep it simple because it is my fun car and I'll never in a million years compete with it so with that in mind. My goals are DVD playback, Mp3 playback, Navigation, and cheap. It will be going into a 240sx when I get it there

    P3 866 (older Compaq)
    256 ram
    20 gig HD right now but I will be upgrading to a larger one
    DVD drive
    I need a decent sound card
    Gamefactory USB game controller for mouse functions and easy to use controls for WMP10(mp3's and music in general) and VLC (Movie playback)
    I still need to get a monitor so I think that about does it for the hardware.

    As for the software it is way basic
    Windows media player 10 for the music (it has crossfading and a minimal eq built right in-sold )
    VLC media player for the DVD's (again all built right in, even a bad *** parametric eq, no crossfading though so movies it is )
    After playing around with a few front ends and multiple shells I decided to keep it just basic explorer. It had the fastest load times like it sits and I am not a guy who knows his way around a computer without some help so thats why (from the push of the button it's only about 35 seconds or so, I can live with that.)
    I will be buying MS Streets and Trips of ebay with a reciever in the next couple of months.
    I am using Total Game control to program the buttons on the game controller, it is an awesome program.

    I made my own icons for what I have labled the DVD player and the MP3 player, then I used Tweakui to remove those stupid arrows off the shortcuts (I always have hated those, who cares that they are shortcuts.) I took everything else off of the desktop and will only have those three icons on it. I pinned a lot of stuff to the start menu so I can still get at it easily it just wont make it look like doo-doo, and I also set the taskbar to auto hide. I will get Pics up of the install as soon I am doing it and have them, I just wanted to introduce myself to you guys and say thank you soooooo much for all of your knowledge on this subject, it is amazing what the search button will do for you.

    Here is a screen grab from my desktop as it is right now.

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    why not use a good front end program? that will do all you want and be millions times easier that what your proposing
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      Hey I really like your icons. Did you make any others? I am mostly looking for a "play music", "applications", "media", "my computer" type of icons =)

      Right now I am not using a front end either, since I havent had the time to research which one is good.


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        what are you going to use to power the computer? Your "older Compaq" may not be a standard ATX..
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