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2005 Impala MP3 Project - Stock Appearance

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  • 2005 Impala MP3 Project - Stock Appearance

    1st post, 1st project…

    The goal here is to integrate, and completely hide an in-car mp3 playing computer, while controlling it from the stock headunit.

    The car is a 2005 Chevy Impala, single cd, no tape stereo headunit with an aux/cd selector button. My understanding is that this radio is "xm ready", as in xm is a factory option – not currently installed.

    What I'm thinking of doing here, is making the stereo think there is an xm radio connected, and use the xm communications protocols to send commands to and from the headunit and mp3 player.

    This way the stock radio controls could operate the mp3 player and the playlist and track info can display on the stock radio.

    Here's what I think I will need:
    1. GM RDS-XM wiring harness (there are factory install kits, but I think I only need the harness. Actually installing XM radio is of no interest to me)
    2. Adapter from XM end to pc serial/usb
    3. Adapter from XM end to audio (rca)
    3a. Instructions on how to disassemble my dash, make the necessary connections and get it back together
    4. Laptop motherboard with audio, serial/usb, ethernet (the computer is the easy part, I'll probably keep a laptop battery in the system to provide hibernation standby power for longer (36-48hr) durations without killing my car's battery)

    the software end is pretty much up in the air, with the exception that I will be using one *nix distro or another. I'm hoping I'll be able to find an xm communications interpreter (software).

    Admittedly, I am a complete n00b to custom car audio, let alone car-pc integration. The amount of info on this site is impressive and has been helpfull already!

    If anybody has any suggestions or comments about my planned system I'd love to hear them! Especially if I'm missing some critical component!

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    I dont know how much all the XM stuff costs, but USA spec, if you are just trying to get sound to the stock stereo, makes an adapter for gm vehicles.
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      Originally posted by mwmcginn View Post
      I dont know how much all the XM stuff costs, but USA spec, if you are just trying to get sound to the stock stereo, makes an adapter for gm vehicles.
      Thanks for the link mwmcginn. I've seen those online, and while they're useful for ipod integration and such, it's ultimately not what I'm after for this specific project. That's not to say I would be against adding that later, as I do have an ipod, and so do my friends.

      I've come across this factory xm kit which as far as I can tell has everything I need, and a couple extra parts (the tuner and the antenna). I need to look around some more to see exactly what that adapter unit does for the system.

      As a side note, I'm considering picking up a duplicate head unit to do my testing work with. A workbench rig if you will, so I only have to tear my dash apart once for this project.