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New boy with an OS problem,.......

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  • New boy with an OS problem,.......

    Hi,....Ive been reading this firum for a few weeks and decided to build my own car pc.
    After looking at all of your installs I decided to go ahead and aquire my componants.

    I am running with,....

    Casetronic Travla case
    Via Epia MKII12000 MB
    512 low profile RAM
    Samsong 2.5" 80GB HD
    Matsui CD/DVD reader

    Lilliput 8" touchscreen.

    All the componants work as I have all tested them individually on my home PC but when I come to install the OS (XP home) I get no where.

    I thought it was a case of inserting the CD and then letting it do its thing but its been asking me to,....

    insert a diskette into drive a.
    If I am installing from a CD then insert a diskette into drive a and system boot (SYS: C) or something to run the CD.

    The thing is I do not have a floppy disk drive and my XP home is on a CD and not a disk.

    How do I get round this problem or is XP not compatible with my MB?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Is the cd drive hooked up correctly (little jumpers, spot on the ide cable)? I would check to see if the computer knows a cd/dvd drive is hooked up. (you can look in the bios or on the screen if it flashes it) Also, I am unsure where you got the cd, but if it is a copy, it may not be bootable.
    Yeah google!


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      Go into bios, disable floppy, check boot order.

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