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car PC in 66" mustang

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  • car PC in 66" mustang

    hello everyone,

    I'm planning to build a costum build car pc in a 66" mustang.

    I have very much experiance in car audio but car PC is another leage.

    the plan is to build the car PC in the old radio of the mustang.

    it has a smal front but behind it is 2 din hi.

    the plan is to remove everything inside out and replace it for the pc, it gets a smal 2 line LCD display where the radio moveble arrow was before and want to replace the original tune and volume knobs for rotary encoders

    then there are 5 chrome switches where before the radio presets where selected, they must be prepared that they can switch functions for the car PC.

    so far the thinking part.

    for the knops I can take a gamepad on usb I think
    for the volume and tune I still don't know (maybe a rotarybuton from a mouse)
    but I dont know witch lcd display I should use and how to program

    I hope that someone can think with me how to realise this project

    best regards,


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    Thye sai, one out of foor, hye sckool graduets dont no how two spell, i tink they ar rong!!!

    66 mustang should be an interesting project, id like to see some pics of your progress when you get started...
    MY INSTAllS:


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      I think that phidgets would be ideally suited for your purpose. (You will need to learn some programming to get it going, though, or convince someone to program it for you.) The phidgets ( have a rotary encoder and switch inputs that could connect to the computer. As for the LCD, just buy an HD44780 compatible LCD for cheap, and wire it up using the wiring (parallel port). LCD Smartie will do anything you could ever wich with the LCD display. I'm sure a car audio buff like you will have no trouble finding a place to mount the computer that controls all this.