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what do you all think?

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  • what do you all think?

    So here is what I am piecing together.
    -I have a jetway 1ghz mini ITX comming with 512mb ram
    -A 30G 2.5" hdd
    -A car pc case from MCS with power supply
    -7" touch screen
    - the ps2 mini keyboard
    - 54Mbps Wifi USB
    I am still in need of a decent DVD-rom and looking for a good FM option.
    Later I will be looking at GPS options.

    So for a starter system what do you think?

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    Not bad, will definately do the job, as far as the "good FM option" Good luck!!! Nothing beats your HU for FM...
    MY INSTAllS:


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      I agree, nothing beats a HU for FM. Still, the unit that mp3car offers looks like it can do a pretty good job of FM, especially if you get diversity antennas. I am a big fan of mini-itx, so I like that. Be careful with the touch screen, though. Make sure you get it from a reputable dealer. Even so, make sure they have a good warranty. I have had 3 go out on me.