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laptop lcd removal question

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  • laptop lcd removal question

    i recently acquired a p3 laptop that ill b using for the carputer project install, i just want to ask if i removed the lcd screen to sell, i need to inclue the inverter right? or was it called controller? anyway would that be ok? i mean ill be using the vga out of the laptop anyway would it affect it? do i need to keep it intact to output video? or its jsut for the lcd to function?

    selling it to cut down some cost for the project =)

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    selling it will be fine, you can always give it a test before you stick it on ebay just to make sure it still outputs.

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      thanks, so selling it wirthe lcd controller would be fine? i can still have video output using the vga out of my laptop?


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        If you're selling the screen, as on eBay, most people buying it will be buying it because their screen is broken. They won't really need the inverter, though you won't need it, so you should probably include it in the sale just in case. The VGA out of the laptop should still work without the screen and inverter.


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          got it thanks bro!


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            I just did that with my P3 laptop and the unit works great without it. Nice touch too is the base has a built in keyboard and touchpad for troubleshooting purposes.
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