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voompc / screen wiring...

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  • voompc / screen wiring...

    i have chrysler 300c...

    this is my current setup...
    im almost done with bezel molding.

    the hard part... at least for me...
    my car have two batteries...
    the main battery is in the trunk...
    i guess the front one is used when u jump the car...

    how should i hook my voompc and what do i need?
    should i use a cigarette socket to power up the screen?

    method 1.
    hooking it up with front/rear battery using distribution block?
    what distro block should i get?

    method 2.
    hooking it up to the oem wirings that was used to power oem cd player

    where does all these wires suppose to goto?

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      I am geussing that with a two battery system there is an isolator installed. The power supply will need a constant 12 volts and a switched 12 volt input. If say the front battery is disconnected when the ignition is off you'll need to make sure to hook the constant to the back battery. If you have a voltmeter you can easily figure out where to hook the constant wire. On the VoomPC red is constant, white is switched (ie off when the ignition is off), black is ground, orange is the remote wire to turn on an amp or other device, and the smaller green and black aren't used.


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        hi aaron should i just tap into oem stereo wires? wires that goes to my oem cd player... would this be a good idea?


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          You can get you 12 volt switched/ignition from your radio harness.

          You want to pull the constant from a battery and since you have battery in the back just run a wire from it.


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            switched/ignition can be hooked up with radio harness...

            now do i connect my voompc wires directly to the battery in the back?
            i dont need supplemental devices? such as a distro block?
            im going install amp too...

            where should i install the pc? trunk? i wanted to install underneath my seat...