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  • complete setup

    I had a question regarding these 2 units. It states on the auction that it has a 4 track 45 watt audio. I wanted to know that could i just hook my speakers to this unit. I not looking for a loud system and I think it should be fine with that.

    I have a 2003 escalade and the factory speaker are fine with me. Though I was thinking maybe I should upgrade my sound and due away with my head unit. If I upgrade I would have to rewire my entire car for the speaker? Or could I just splice into my harness. I would like to keep the harness and stuff intact just incase i decide to sell the car and reinstall my radio back. From reading the alot of post listed here on this site I know that I would need an amp which is no problem. I even thought instead of the unit above that I would put my mac mini in. any help would be great.

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    it all depends on how many watts you are going to be supplying to your factory harness...

    what is your amp rated at?
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      If you posted links they are blocked until you have something like 5 posts I found out (cuts down on spam) but 45 watts isn't that much and it is probably peak wattage. look on the back of your speakers most of the time it'll be stamped how much wattage the spreakers can handle. Good luck