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total hu removal/replace with carpc screen

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  • total hu removal/replace with carpc screen

    hey, well i am new here but not new to computers or cars. i have been visiting this site for several years, (logged many hours looking and thinking) previous projects have kept me from implementing a carputer in my ford explorer. but now i am ready.
    so here is my question, boot times aside, i have seen many posts about replacing a dub din factory hu with a touch screen, usb fm tuner and wired amp. but what i want to know is do any of you regret it?

    I no longer have a home stereo, thanks an htpc that i built along with fm/tv tuner and logitech z 5500's I LOVE IT! i do not miss my rather expensive pioneer dsp. now back to the carpc. the only part i am thinking i will miss is the highly visible clock that tells me i had better beat feet faster or I'm gonna be late for work. i have thought of several alternatives for a clock.but, space limitations and a clean OEM install are my worries.
    also i did see the hu faceplate re-mount post very impressive, that is definitely an option for me. as i am not afraid to tear things apart solder and hot glue.
    so with that said what has worked for you guys?

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    Um, it's impossible to put a clock in a front-end.

    The ultimate CarPC - Wow!


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      Originally posted by stiv View Post
      but what i want to know is do any of you regret it?
      Don't regret it at all. BUT, realize that at this point, radio integration is not the best, and the good solutions out there are a little pricey. If you are willing to spend the cash, or suffer a little you will be fine. There are great strides being made in that regard (HQCT, Silabs, and now the HD Radio project) but still, at this point, it will not be like your stock HU.

      I still wouldn't go back for almost anything.

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