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New Lilliput Monitor - Help??

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  • New Lilliput Monitor - Help??

    I am having issues with my monitor.. I found this FAQ that might help most of you that have been looking at this thread. I am gonna be following it to a T! If you have any questions, check here first!

    Thank you to hevnsnt for this!

    BTW: I am not claiming ownership to this FAQ, I am just relaying info for anyone that's having problems with theirs as well!

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    Have you tried a different resoulution such as 640x480 or 800x600?


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      Yeah, tried basically everything up to 1600x1200 (just to make sure).. The monitor connects great with the computer.. You can hear it connect.. (on the computer side (device connection)).. But what scares me, is that when I change from PC to like Vid 1 or Vid 2, it won't show any text in the top right corner.. So, leading me to believe that the light is bad?


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        What I ended up doing is realizing that it's basically stuck in standby mode and would not go into normal mode. I COULD have taken it apart and maybe fixed the issue. I am getting a replacement instead. Hope this helps someone in the future!