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  • first post.. introduction

    Hi All,

    quick introduction.. this is my first post.. I am brand new to this hobby... am learning a lot before i take the plung and buy some gear..

    am looking to put in a pc in my ES lancer (2003 i think)

    have been told by a friend of my wife's (who has done this and showed me his set up) that i should stay away from indash lcds... he says thats just his opinion... which is a shame becuase i really have no where else to put a screen in that small car...

    what do you all think?


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    The in-dash screens don't look so great when they are installed. Most stick out about an inch from flush w/ the dash.
    The motorization tends to be very fragile and prone to breaking.

    Because of those two factors, I eschewed an in-dash screen.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      currently, the in dash screens are not up to par. However, there are options coming about, but I'm not sure how long it will be before they are avaliable on the market.
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        Well the non-moldin options that aren't foldout screens are very limited.

        There is 1 functional screen, from Armen that is a 6.5" double din with optical drive.

        Then there is one being designed now by somebody on these forums for general use. Both are expensive.

        I agree with the no flip-out though. Looks cheezy in my opinion. No car has a stock flip out screen. Lools like it should not be there.
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