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  • newbie question..

    I know this is only 1 or 2 threads down but wasnt really an answer I wanted and I didnt wanna hijack someones thread. my question is....I have a s2000, Its very small with no room for anything. I have a sony vaio sitting bc i upgraded. I want to add a screen in the trunk and 1 in each visor. I could put the laptop under the seat or store it behind an interior panel. Can this be done and what other components would you recomend? Thanx.

    Also If there is anyone in the tri-state area that would like to do the install let me know.

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    Hey Carbon.. First off.. !!! Anyways, based off little knowledge of CarPCs, but decent knowledge of computers in general. I think you could do it. What you would need is a 3 (if they make it) or 4 port VGA splitter to output to those displays. You're also gonna want to have the same size monitors, because if you use a splitter, it uses 1 signal to output to each monitor. That signal needs to line up on each monitor.. Other than that, Umm.. Yeah, that should about do it..

    One question we all want to know: Why would you put a monitor in the trunk?!


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      trunk monkey needs to be entertained too.


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        Like this one?