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Fitting an aftermarket headunit to a Ford Fiesta

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  • Fitting an aftermarket headunit to a Ford Fiesta

    Ok I've been scouring the internet for the past 2 weeks and so far I have had no joy. I got an early-'05 registered Ford Fiesta Mk6 a few weeks ago but I want to change the factory headunit for a new aftermarket one, mainly because I want to use my iPod through the stereo.

    Unfortunately, my Fiesta comes fitted with a Ford 4500 CD Player which, for those of you who are familiar with this model, splits the dash into 3 "sections" when the headunit is removed.

    Here's a picture of my dash.

    I've looked on ebay and other car audio websites and they sell adaptors for post September '05 Fiesta Mk6 models with a double DIN opening in the dash, but this is no use to me as the bars will restrict access to the headunit, etc.

    Is it possible to get a new dash from Ford which will fit my Fiesta but with an opening for a double DIN adaptor, or is my only option to cut the bars from my existing dash?

    I'm sure that somebody out there must have faced the same problem as me before. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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      I am in a similar situation to you at the minute, but i a mhaving trouble removing the dash to get to the unit.
      I have taken out the glove compartment to get to the screws behind it, undone the screws located below the heater fan switches, and removed the housing around the steering wheel to get the screws undone there, so all screw on the left, bottom and right sides have been removed, the dash still wont budge and theres nothing else for me to undo, can anyone tell me what ive missed?


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        current projects


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          a usefull answer :P

          the part you want is the bezel for the fiesta with satnav...

          Fiesta MK6-Bezel Black (With SAT NAV)
          Part Number: 1148612
          Retail Price: £35.39

          checkout this link for how to get the bezel off
          or you could take it into an installers and get them to do the work...

          There is also an adaptor available from autoleads, turning it into a single din unit.

          If you only want to get your ipod to work, then i think that you can just add the adaptor that ford supply to your current head unit (although you need to know the correct conections at the back of your current unit).

          Hope that helps


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            your in luck im replying to two people, firstly i just got my installment for a new head unit today. about getting the front facia off where your buttons to heat the front screen and rear screen are and there should be two blank buttons aswell that section pops out (use a flat screwdriver) and then there are two screws in there and then you will be able to pull the front off after disconnecting the wires to your heat and fan dial.

            and spidey my head unit was split into 3 aswell you need to go to halfords and ask for a ford fiesta 2002 onwards facia plate so you can cut the sections splitting the unit into 3 (those two thin plastic strips) and then you simply screw the facia into where the stereo currently is but obvisally you have to remove the unit first.

            Hope that helped


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              There is a way to do it.
              You have to take the whole center dash out and the cut out the 2 bits of plastic that seperate the dash. If you go to any halfords and ask them, im sure they would print out the pages they have on theyre data base telling you how to do it. just tell them the make of your car and the situation your in and then ask them about the 'difficult fit' program on theyre computers.
              Hope this helps.
              Btw,, i was in the exact same situation to you yesterday,, i done all the dash conversion myself then took it to a car electrical garage to get it all fitted right.


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                What aftermarket stereo with a front aux-in do you recommend?

                I'd love one that would fit the whole SatNav bezel (the large empty part)

                Rather than the usual one, as that would leave a big empty space

                Thanks in advance for any replies!!


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                  hi friend

                  the bars simply cut out with a hacksaw


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                    Thanks dLockers for the reply!

                    Your dash is awesome with that PC built-in!

                    I'm going to have to look around for a big Sony stereo/SatNav to fit in there as I don't have the money to get a HD, 7' screen etc


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                      If you just want the facelift (mk6.5) fiesta stereo grab it off of ebay or a breakers yard. Cut the bars out with a hacksaw and file back, it looks like nothing has ever touched it.


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                        Yeah I'd be up for sawing the bars out and buying this new Sony stereo


                        It seems quite wide. It looks like the buttons have been moved up..

                        [media] me=radio_lrg.jpg[/media]

                        Or is this not the facelift stereo, if not then please can you tell me what it is?

                        Thanks for the help dLockers!


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                          That is the facelift stereo

                          The dash has been rearranged but the headunit is still double din.



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                            Hey guys, just need to bump this topic as i also need a bit of help on this. Can someone please confirm these are the part i need for a Ford Fiesta Finesse 1.25 2004 54reg which i have a 3 way split cd player / radio 4500 model. Im looking to install a Sony ipod cd player. Thanks in advance!





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                              [QUOTE=vanquished;1351391]Hey guys, just need to bump this topic as i also need a bit of help on this. Can someone please confirm these are the part i need for a Ford Fiesta Finesse 1.25 2004 54reg which i have a 3 way split cd player / radio 4500 model. Im looking to install a Sony ipod cd player. Thanks in advance!

                              im also interested in this!

                              i have the three part stereo and am looking to fit a dual din non ford stereo in my 05 fiesta, was told by vospers that this part is not available! am well it clearly is!

                              but how much of a gap will it leave? does the gap left equal the size of the double din draw? or is the gap much larger?