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400 w power inverter

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  • 400 w power inverter


    I just picked up a 400W power inverter by jensen.

    I have.. amp/sub combo that is getting power from the battery..
    The carpc is going to get the power from battery.. and if i connect the inverter to the battery... Will that be too much drain ffrom battery.. or if i get a high end battery that would work ?

    Also i am guessing connecting the inverter to batterry or cigarette lighter would mean same drain.

    I am only using inverter to power up 15" lcd monitor.

    Please let me know.


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    The battery is mainly used in a car to start the car, the alternator supplies the current when the car is running, and it keeps the battery charged for when you need to start it. A good reason to put in a new battery is if you run the sound system and pc when the car is not running , then the drain will be on the battery. The question you should ask yourself is if you should replace the alternator, and the battery if you run the pc for long periods of time without starting the engine.

    The difference between wiring to the cigarette lighter port and the battery is huge , the cigarette lighter port can carry a certain amount of current , due to the size of the wires and fuse ( a cigarette lighter port can carry usually between 5 - 30 amps of current ).

    A 400w inverter will draw 40+ amps at max load. ( 400w is the output power , but a inverter is not efficient ( loss of energy ( heat mainly ). So it can take roughly 500+ watts at the input wich is ( 500/12) 40 amps , usually a cig lighter port is 20 amps ( check the fuse ).
    But Im not saying its going to draw at max load ( since you are gonna use a lcd wich is roughly 80-150watts )


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      Wire the inverter into where your amps are drawing power. It will work fine.
      Just remember you cant sit with the stereo and LCD on for long witout the car running.
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