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POS computer in car. (photos/links)

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  • POS computer in car. (photos/links)

    I just got my hands on a PPC-123T (POS "type" CPU & 12" touchscreen in one)

    Panel PC with 12.1" Color TFT LCD and Intel® Pentium® III/Celeron® Processor - PPC-123T - Advantech

    It is brand new & I only paid 185.00US.

    I want to know overall what you guys think of going this route.

    I have a old 71 Torino with bench seats & was thinking of just mounting it on the middle hump.

    Not sure yet how I will power it, any ideas?

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    Originally posted by 40till5 View Post
    Not sure yet how I will power it, any ideas?
    After looking at the datasheet, I can see that this is a tough one.
    It requires 12v @ 1A and 5v @ 12A. While that's only 72 watts (12v X 1A + 5v X 12A = 12w + 60w = 72w).
    Now, 72w is pretty paltry, however....
    I don't believe there is a PSU or regulator that will output the voltage/amperage required for that unit.

    The 12v @ 1A is easy enough. The tough part is the 5v @ 12A.
    The Carnetix P1900 5v add-on module and the P1240 all put out only 3A on the 5v rail, so they won't work.

    You may be stuck using an inverter for that POS (pun intended).
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      You could try to find a DC-DC converter that will take 12V in and put out 5V @12A. It would draw about ~6-7A at 12V depending on efficiency (100% efficiency would be 12V@5A - 5V@12A but perfect worlds are boring and make the math too easy ).

      If you found a 12V-5V DC-DC regulator like that, you could power it with a regulator like this DSX12VD 140W DC-DC Regulator which would provide your 12V regulated for both 12Vin for the POS and the 5V regulator. It would also serve double duty by being a startup/shutdown controller and dealing with the variable input from the car.

      Good luck trying to find that regulator though, unless someone here is better at Google than I am

      Looked at the Datasheet and it looks like there's three different models of this POS: AC, 24VDC, and 12VDC. Seems as if the PSU is internal. Gonna have to see which you have and figure out an appropriate power solution based on that. Good luck!

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        It would take some work but you could easily build a power supply to handle those requirements. In 2000 I built a 13.8vdc atx power supply. I got most of the parts for free as samples. The 5 volt regulator I used in the deisgn was a maxim 787, it can handle 5 amps. However they don't make this chip anymore. But if you found something similar you could parallel three of them for a total 15 amp output at 5 vdc. You would need to beef up your auxilary components (caps, inductors) as well to maintain a clean 5 volt 15 amp output and have an adequate heat sink. Then you could use other peoples suggestions on here to built a shutdown/startup circuit and you'd be all set. Like I said this wouldn't be the easiest solution but if you are like me and you enjoy a low buget challenging project this might be a viable option. Good luck.