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  • MP3 Player to GM Factory Radio

    Hello to all.

    This is my very first post in these forums, so you have my apologies if I pull a "n00b" and say something completely demented.

    My goals aren't nearly as elaborate as installing a PC into my truck. All I'm looking to do is hook up my mp3 player directly to the factory radio vs. using the FM Transmitter that I wasted $40 on.

    What I've Got
    -Creative Zen Vision:M mp3 Player
    -2002 Chevrolet S10 w/Ext. Cab and Factory Radio

    What I know:
    The front of the radio has the RDS logo stamped on it. I took apart the dash and took a look at the factory radio to check for an auxiliary port. The radio is from Delphi Delco Electronics, manufactured 4/10/02. The radio has a 12 pin port on the back: 2 rows of pins, 6 pins per row.

    The research I've done has lead me to a seemingly promising solution, namely a PIE connector that can plug into an aux port and, via a RCA-to-3.5mm cable, connect the mp3 player to the radio. *But*, from the reading I've done thus far, it seems that not all 2002 S10s were given the same radios (some were given radios with a 9-pin aux port on the back, and then I'm guessing that based on what I have, some were given radios with a 12-pin aux port).

    The part I'm looking at is this:
    GM12-AUXv2 - GM12-AUXv2 2000-07 GM "Class-II" Auxiliary Audio Input Adapter - Accessories - Precision Interface - Discount Car - Detail

    However, the sites have conflicting statements about whether it will work on a 2002 S10 - cardomain says 'yay' and discountcarstereo says 'nay', yet they both seem to be the same part...

    What I'm Trying to Find Out
    - Basically just trying to figure out what makes a radio a "class II RDS" radio and whether I have one.
    - Trying to figure whether a converter like this will require me to tap in to the electrical system of the truck or if it would just be a straight plug n' play.
    - Any wisdom/advice that can be passed on from those more experienced than I.

    Many thanks to those who take the time to read through this and give your thoughts.