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  • Dumb Question About Sirius

    My computer is finally installed! I will post pics soon. Anyways, I have the sirius adapter that you get from the store, but i can't figure out how to use it. Is the program to run it the Satamp program? My antenna is placed under plastic, and I didn't know if my only problem was that I wasn't getting reception. Before I tear apart my dash I just wanted to know if there was a nother program I needed to actually run the program. Sorry if this topic has been covered many times before, I searched but could not find anything.

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    Hey I'm new too, but you'll need to things to get sirius radio to integrate with your carpc. You need the drop in adapter that sells on the store and an SIR-ALP1 Satellite radio tuner. Then you basically drop in the purchaced adapter and hook up your stuff to your PC.

    As for software to run I think RoadRunner supports the sirius radio controls. If you need better descriptions here's the link to the sirius radio install.

    Hope that helps some,

    - Tam -