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Hyundai Sonata 05 and a newbies Hail

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  • Hyundai Sonata 05 and a newbies Hail

    Hey everyone!

    Earlier this year got myself a new car, 05 Sonata GLS V6, with just 23k miles on it. Plan to keep it for a while... so slowly been making plans to stick a PC in it.

    That's when I found you guys.

    Now that it's looking really close to happening (and the weather's getting nice enough to be outside, not including wednesday's snow storm) I decided to say hello!

    My current plan is to remove the factor 2 DIN radio/CD/tape deck and put in a DWW-6500. To control it, I'm looking at a miniITX build (mini-box/voompc maybe).

    Tried playing around with my dash yesterday, brought up a few questions. Last time I upgraded a headunit, I believe the car was a 76? I remember that being very straight forward. But on this fancy car - and woodtrim stock... I couldn't get anything off to even think about taking out the radio.
    I've since found out there's screws behind the ashtray - have yet to remove the ashtray and check on that... hopefully happens this weekend. But anyone have experience with that stock woodtrim? Is it an adhesive I need to get off? Or should it come off with one of the dash pieces?
    I'll try to get pictures up tomorrow.

    And once I get that off, and the factory unit out -- does the 6500 need a brace/bracket to sit in? How will that work...

    Can't wait to get to some fun electrical and hardware work, but this mechanical stuff

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    The pics...

    I'm thinking it's all 1 piece and I just need to find the screws so the snaps can go. The ash tray is going to be no fun to take out.
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      I think it is all 1 strip also. Try looking for 2 screws on the inside of the glovebox. Everything else should just come off after that.


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        Update: I did figure it out. It's a little more simple than I originally thought. There don't seem to be any hidden screws.

        The 2 screws inside the glovebox are correct for 06-07 Sonatas.

        But for mine (and for other 02-05 models) there shouldn't be any screws. I took a flathead screwdriver and went around the edges of the wood panel in the previously attached pictures. Feels easy to make scratches, chip the finish, "dent" the surrounding panels so be careful.

        I had it mostly loose except one or two more clips, but it was getting dark so I pushed it back in and heard some reassuring clicks. I hope to remove the rest of the panel (on another note - it looks like there'll be some wires going to pieces built in on this panel that need to be disconnected as well). Then remove the radio.

        Can anyone give me an idea on what to expect with the DWW-6500... does it need a mechanical assembly to sit on? It fits 2 DIN, but does that mean it needs braces? or what...

        I hope to finalize my hardware/software plans and get some orders placed within the week.


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          That looks like it should be pretty conducive to an install. It might work with your factory mount. Do you have any pictures with the radio out?
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            Not yet... hope to have them soon.


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              I have an 03 sonata, I'm running into the same issues with trying to get the wood panel off without damaging it. Can you point arrows at the positions on the wood panel where you have to gently pry it off? Your setup sounds promising, i'll keep myself posted.


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                I was able to get the whole thing off.

                The red arrows are the 4 main clips that hold the panel on. you have to use a very thin flathead screwdriver (the micro ones for screwing for sun glasses) and that should not damage the sides too much. The 4 green arrows are the ones with small plastic clips that you don't need to worry about that much unless they are holding that section.

                Now i have to figure out how to disconnect everything like the AC vents.

                I am worried that the way the wooden panel embosses might overlap the DWW-6500 screen and cause it not to extract. Need to get some exact dimensions.

                Hope that helps.
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                  I was able to get the whole wood panel off and was able to disconnect the AC duct. The AC duct has 3 snap clips you have to look for, they're easy to spot but somewhat hard to get to. After you get the ducts free just disconnect all the wires (I disconnected negative terminal from battery before messing with this just to be safe). All of the wires as you can see on the back side of the wood panel just snap right into place and it's pretty easy to unsap and very easy to resnap. After that, everything is disconnected!

                  The green measurements I made for the double DIN wooden frame are obviously 7.1"x4.1" +/- 0.05" I tried to get as accurate as possible with the measurements because the inner part of the wood panel retards on the side of the stock radio/tape/cd player. Next to do is to get exact dimensions of some double din lcd touchscreens.
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