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How to wire from battery to M1-ATX

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  • How to wire from battery to M1-ATX

    Hi, first, this is probably a simple question but i couldn't find the answer and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I bought 8 gauge wire to run from my distro. block to my m1-atx power supply, but i want to set this up so i can take the computer inside the house if i need to, so what I'm looking for is a type of plug/connector to connect the 8gauge power wire to the much smaller wire (maybe 10 gauge?) lead that comes with the m1-atx. Anything that can securely fasten the thicker gauge wire from the battery to the thinner gauge m1atx leads would be ideal.

    Also, are using thinner gauge the leads that came with the m1-atx power supply OK? I thought that the thicker gauge wire from the battery is mostly needed because of the distance, and that the leads on the power supply are relatively short compared to the distance to the battery, so it would be ok? Is this correct?

    Thanks in advance to any help!!


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      I use simple spade connectors for quick disconnect ability.

      And the thinner guage wire int he M2 or M1 harness is just fine for that short a distance.
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        I use a molex connector for quick disconnect...

        Theres many shapes but I use the 3x2 block...

        You crimp one(female or male) end to the 3 wires from the M1-atx, then insert them into the plastic housing... and do the same for the male side.

        This is the female side...

        You'll need the male side too. then you also need another male(or whatever is opposite of the connector on the m1atx.) for attaching to your indoor power supply.

        PS Solder the wire, do not just crimp it to the connector.
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