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  • Hello, new account, long time lurker

    Hello. Just finally registering now that it looks like I am going with a carpc solution for my Mustang. Over the years I have watched the products out there and solutions people are coming up with, but didn't have the justification to do the same for my car until recently. With my move to Austin, I find myself needing some sort of navigation solution in the dash. I also miss the old MP3 solution I had for my older car (the empeg car), so I figure instead of trying to mount both the empeg and some sort of NAV unit into the dash, I should just go with a single CarPC solution that also appeals to my desire to tinker. While I will miss the simplicity and elegance the empeg offered for me for 7 years, I feel that this is the right direction to go for what I want.

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    Welcome, you sound like me, long time lurker, lol after i found out how much easier it was to search, i wish that i would have signed up sooner!!


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      don't forget obd2, you can monitor your nice engine through your carputer

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