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So, what do you do about playing just... CD's?

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  • So, what do you do about playing just... CD's?

    Been searching the boards/googling around, and haven't quite found any kind of "definitive" answer to this.

    Say I put my PC out of harm's way in the trunk. What if I want to play just a plain ol' cd? Or toss a DVD in for my passengers to watch?

    I assumed the "easy" answer would be a single-DIN dvd-rom, or even an adapter, but I haven't been able to find anything like that.

    Next assumption is that I'm going to have to toss a slot-loader into the DIN mount. Is there something awesome that I just haven't found yet?

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    The most popular way in this case is to get an external cd/dvd drive either usb or firewire. Then make a custom installation somewhere of this drive. It will also need a power supply. And just run the cables back to the computer.
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      Yeah, figured that was the option most went with. Ohhhh well. Guess that'll mean I can put a USB hub in with it, too, though.