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Whoo Hoo!!! Killer Ebay Deal!!!

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  • Whoo Hoo!!! Killer Ebay Deal!!!

    I just picked up my mobo off ebay, a m10000 for $66. I don't have anything else for this carputer yet, but just so you know he has two more for sale!! Search for carpc. Offer him less than 55 for it cuz he accepted my offer for that right away!! Happy hunting!!!!!!!!

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    have a link for that?

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      those are old hat now!

      Still cheap though
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        Thanks for the legit deal & tasteful method of offering From the title I thought it was going to be a poor spamming attempt...
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          hey man, thanks for the headsup. However, how are you sure that it's an m10000? It doesn't appear to be an m10000, as it is lacking firewire, and it also has a red pcb board instead of green. Unless this was a particular revision? Does anyone know if this is the nemiah (sorry about spelling?) core or the e core version?

          Also, I don't think it comes with the rear i/o biggie, but it'd be nice...


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            That is not an M10000
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              That's what I was thinking.

              Anyone have an idea what it is? I tried matching up the picture to several itx's on newegg, but no dice. Probably well discontinued.

              Any ideas though?, and do you think for the price it's worth it?


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                Ouch. Wait till it comes in and if in fact it's not what it was said to be, then talk to ebay and try and recover your money.


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                  well the auction never stated that it's an m10000, I think the OP just speculated that based on the chipset and stated processor speed. It does look fairly good for the money, but I'd at least want to identify what kind model motherboard it is just in case it does need a bios update or something


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                    Yeah, I got it today and it isn't a m10000, oh well as long as it runs XPlite and RR I will be happy. You get what you pay for


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                      Originally posted by MBClatter View Post
                      Yeah, I got it today and it isn't a m10000, oh well as long as it runs XPlite and RR I will be happy. You get what you pay for

                      that was quick, did it come with the rear i/o bezel?

                      please let us know how it goes, and also if you could get a make/model from markings on the board itself or the bios screens....also what kind of sound chip it has



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                        edit: well I guess he put up the manufacturer/model

                        I cannot find any info on this board on the net

                        pc chips EVCM-F ?

                        no clue...