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couple of questions for planning my carputer

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  • couple of questions for planning my carputer

    Hi.. i've just gotten interested in this whole carputer thing and it seems like a great project for me this summer... i have a couple of questions..

    1. motherboards - how good are the VIA motherboards and VIA processors compared to pentiums? i see a lot of VIA motherboards with embedded processors.. which mean i can't upgrade it later right? i'm really new to mini-itx so i havn't really heard of VIA... please advice me on it

    2. i'm planning on upgrading my desktop so i can get pentium 4 socket 478 processor and 1gb 184-pin ddr ram out of there to use.. so i need to find a motherboard that supports these.. i havn't been successful in finding one.. if anyone knows one for a decent price and performance please advice me.

    thank you very much... i have so many questions but i guess this is where i shoulds start off... more questions coming up later!! thank you guys

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    1 - A Via C3 clocked at 1Ghz is about the same as a P-3 at the same clock speed. The appeal of the Via C-series CPU is their very low current draw, which comes at the expense of computing horsepower.
    No, you can't upgrade the CPU on a Via embedded motherboard. tHe CPUs are soldered to the board.

    2 - We're not going to hunt down motherboards to mate with your CPU. Rather than apporach it from the standpoint of "I have this CPU. What can I use with it?", I suggest apporaching it from the perspective of "What will minimize current draw, fit in my vehicle, not overheat, and stay within my budget? What hardware do I already have that meets this critera?"
    Many times it is far more cost-effective to scrap hardware you have in favor of new hardware that will make the project work as you envision.

    Whatever the case, I welcome you to our maddening hobby. I myself encountered a dead motherboard today. Maddening. But fun.

    And check out the FAQs. They're chock full of information for you, just waiting to be located and put to use.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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