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AVIC D1 and Carputer merge?

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  • AVIC D1 and Carputer merge?

    Alright I have a question, I currently have a Pioneer AVIC-D1, my question of the day is, would it be possible to link a carputer up to the D1 through the RCA's and simply use the D1 as a screen. Basically, run the video and audio through a carputer and have its full capabilities, though I don't see touch screen working for the carputer but other then that, everything should work right. I think? lol..

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    You would need to get the PC display into a composite signal.
    Yo7u can use a "cheesebox" or some other scan converter or get a PC with video hardware capable of outputtong a composite signal.

    Expect a loss of image quality.

    And you're right about not keeping the touchscreen functionality.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Damn, I sorta had that feelin that there would be quality loss, back to the drawing board...I want to make like a media box (like a HD that would hold Music, Movies, etc...) that can attach to the D1 that would be useful, lol...


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        Think I'm resorting to using a slimline PS2