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  • A few PC Questions

    Hi all!

    I began developing a CarPC a few months back and it got put on hold for a short time while I came up with the funds to finish it. Now that I have the money, I came up with a few questions concerning some of the things I have planned.

    1) I am planning on getting an M2-ATX power supply for the computer to run on. Dealing with this, is there a way to wire in a 7" touchscreen LCD to the powersupply? Otherwise, how do I make sure the screen turns on and off with the computer/car?

    2) I wanted to get a good GPS system for the computer. What would be the best route to go--a puck or an OEM? I want to make sure it's reliable. Also, what software has been been seen to run the best? I was thinking of iGuidance...

    3) I wanted to have a discrete radar detector. I have read about the Valentine 1 integration into the PC, but would it be better for me to use that or to just take apart a radar detector and mold it into my dash?

    4) Would a computer in my trunk have too long of a cable to power a USB object near my dash/center console?

    5) As far as connecting speakers to the computer, how should I go about doing this? Do I need an amp to relay the signals to all of the speakers from the computer?

    Thanks for any/all help. I'm trying to work out the kinks then start spending away

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    To answer question #1, you wire the touchscreen power adapter to the ATX power connector. For the details about this, check out this thread because it's talking about the exact same thing:

    Using this wiring method will have your touchscreen turn on & off with the computer.

    I don't have any experience with radar detectors or GPS, so I'll let someone more qualified answer that questions for ya.


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      4. It could be a bit far but you can use a USB repeater cable. Roughly 4m or less should be ok anything above that you could run into problems.

      5. You will either need to go through an amp or a head unit to power your speakers. Personally I prefer a head unit as you get a good radio with it which really has never been matched yet by computer hardware.
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