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    Hello to everyone; this is my first post.

    I like the idea of using an HP ThinClient t5530 because it isn't that expensive, it boots quickly, and it's small. Unfortunately it only comes with 64MB of storage, so here's the plan.

    1: Buy an 8 or 16 GB embedded flash chip that is compatible with this device.
    2: Get an IDE -> flash adapter.
    3: Install the flash chip as a primary hard drive on a desktop.
    4: Install an OS and any software that needs to be installed on the primary drive.
    5: Put the flash chip into the thin client.
    6: Buy a high-capacity USB laptop HDD.
    7: Mount the HDD to the inside of the thin client using one of the 2 internal USB ports. (Damn convenient that they'd be there, huh?)
    8: Install peripherals to the multiple external ports. (6 USB, 2 PS/2, 1 VGA, 1 SPK, 1 MIC, etc.)
    9: Swap external PSU for car-ready PSU.
    10: Install everything into the car somehow.

    Though I originally thought this was an original idea, a quick search of these forums revealed several adaptations to this plan. Oh well, the plan still seems sound to me, and if it works, more power to me.

    If ppl happen to read this and have suggestions or other feedback, feel free to leave something.

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    I'd double check on that PSU because I've heard of many issues with those propritary computers and propritary power supplies.
    Jan Bennett
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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      Yeah, the PSU was one part that I'm definitely meaning to do some more research on. Unfortunately since this is all new to me, it may take a while before I fully understand my options. I have seen a lot of people using laptops and some people using thin clients though. So they must be making it work somehow. Of course, every piece of proprietary hardware is different (really?), but I haven't given up hope yet.