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N00b Greetings from Los Angeles

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  • N00b Greetings from Los Angeles

    Being from LA, one must really enjoy being in their car, so i've decided to get a carpooter as all of you have.

    I have a 2000 BMW 323i with the HK Business CD radio and no other mods.

    So what I would like to do is keep the Business CD/HK and that amp thing hidden in the trunk (for Radio and CDs), move the A/C down a spot to where that little stashbox is (goodbye sunglasses) and put the LCD where the A/C used to be. What would be totally hot would be an LCD which would pop out when i pushed it.

    My only hang up before starting this is insuring that I still have the Business CD/HK installed.

    i just saw this in another post.

    Any good/ HK compatable?

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      groovy man yeah.

      so i have learned a lot already from the posts.

      It seems like that crutchfield or blitz-something is the way to go for the hook-up.

      I was also thinking this would be really cool, but i havent seen any pictures of the HVAC unit taken out, but what if you remount that so that it will flip down, and the LCD will pop out from behind the HVA/C?