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What about this setup? (Just pc side)

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  • What about this setup? (Just pc side)

    Well i was just planning my setup, and it was consiting of a Via Epia MII 12000, M2 ATX, VoomPC-2 Case and the rest just standard pc components.

    Then i was looking places to buy the stuff, and as im in the uk things can be a bit more expensive to do, but then on ebay i saw this:

    Its pretty much what i was going to do with a different motherboard (2Ghz also instead of a 1.2, which would actually be useful to me, despite power consumption difference).

    Its going to cost me around £350 to buy and ship it here, what i was planning to build was going to cost about £300 without the extra components such as ram and a dvd drive, which would probably bump it up loads more.

    Now are there any downsides to this system like the motherboard or any of the components? Or just any opinions in general?

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    Search on these forums for that Jetway mobo. I remember a lot of people having problems with them.
    Jan Bennett
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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      Ah, guess i don't really want to risk it with that, i'll just build the same setup essentially but with a Via Epia MII 12000 mobo instead.

      Thanks for the help, really appreciate it.