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car pc boot mounted

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  • car pc boot mounted

    Hi guys

    I wonder in its quite easy to mount a car pc in my boot(trunk).

    1 will a 10ft usb cable work?
    2 will a 10ft vga cable work?
    3 will remote power switch and reset switch work over 10ft of cable?

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    1. Yes, I do that now.
    2. Yes, I do that now, but some people will say you're pushing the limits of VGA. Though I use 15ft and it still works.
    3. I tried, but failed to do that. I haven't had the time to trouble-shoot, but I think it should be possible.
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      Yep all 3 of your cable runs will work. It may be a good idea to run the VGA far away from the power cables (just so you don't get interference. Also you will need a power wire run to the trunk, but ground the computer in the trunk somewhere (long ground wires aren't a good idea). Good luck!

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        Well the passat b6 and earlier passats have a 12v output in the boot (trunk) so I don't have to run power

        My concern is the power on and reset from my proposed hu, I don't know what power they will be and I know power degrades over distance