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    I'm about to purchase a Holden Vy Calais (Aussie Car) and I'm thinking of diving head first into a car pc. I've currently got an older Holden with an Alpine HU connected to my iPod and then a PDA for Sat Nav but if I could combine them that would be so much better.

    I'm wondering what you guys think I should be with regards to mounting a screen on the dash. I'd want to use the PC for Mp3s and Sat Nav primarily.

    The two options I've considered is replacing the HU with a single DIN pocket and putting a motorised 7" screen in there or putting a 7-10" mounted screen on top part of the dash above the AC vents. The bottom of the screen would be just above the AC outlet.

    Here is a pic of the dash...


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    hi djhampson,

    I'm in the same boat as you. I have a double-DIN space and can't decide where to mount everything. I would like to find another dash panel to hack up (while leaving my original dash panel intact). that way I may be able to fit both a double-DIN LCD flush mounted with a single-DIN HU underneath it (if space permits). that could be another option for you to consider. like you, I don't want the PC to completely replace the HU, I just want it to be an addition to it.

    I'm probably going to end up going with a single-DIN HU in the lower slot and a motorized LCD in the upper slot (like your first idea), unless somebody convinces me otherwise.

    Your second option would be ok if you don't have a theft problem where you live/work and don't mind the loss of visiblility; then mounting a screen above your vents will be the cheapest and simplest option for you. also, I don't know about the laws where you live, but in the US you would get pulled over in a hearbeat with a huge 10" screen blocking your windshield view like that.

    good luck, BTW nice car
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      Hey, someone has pranked ya, they moved your steering wheel to the other side of the car.


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        Originally posted by malkamus View Post
        Hey, someone has pranked ya, they moved your steering wheel to the other side of the car.
        I got tripped out yesterday when I saw some photos of a Pontiac GTO (which is the 2 door version of my car) with the wheel on the wrong side.

        Thanks for the ideas and comments all.


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          Well it looks like a screen could go where your factory stereo is, a radio would be the tougher part other than if you go with a single din radio and a single din flip out monitor. Then you could mount the stereo in the bottom part and the monitor on top of it.