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Wiring Diagram/Implementing a Switch Box

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  • Wiring Diagram/Implementing a Switch Box

    I am planning on installing new equipment in to my car and wanted to know if this type of design would work.

    The red terminals are all the positive terminals. Black terminals are the -/ground. Blue terminals are the remote turn on terminals.

    The switch box: left most switch would be a "master" switch with the rest of the switches controlling individual components. I want to have all of the components on by default when the car is on (accessory power would be live) and have the switches to control the components when the car is off (only draining the aux battery)
    The box would probably be dash mounted.

    I am most worried about the switch box because I am unsure of how it would react with having the 2 wires (Acc and switched) connected to each other and the remote turn on leads.