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TabletPC or XP Pro?

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  • TabletPC or XP Pro?

    Hey guys,

    So I'm new, and while I know that's no excuse for repeat topics (ahem), I did search, and didn't really come up with a whole lot of information. If I missed a whole wealth of it that's going to bite me in the rear? I apologize.

    My first 'project' is a pretty simple install, Compaq Evo notebook with a 1.8GHz P4, 30GB HD, 768MB of ram and a Lilliput 8" Widescreen touch, along with a USB GPS, etc, etc into my '07 Wrangler. I'd build the PC, but I have the laptop collecting dust, and want to have the whole thing ready for testing during my vacation next week, so I can make sure everything works on a short jaunt before I rely on it to go cross country. My question is this- Windows XP Tablet PC edition, or just regular ol' XP Pro? I've got a broken TabletPC that I don't care to get fixed, so the install disks and license are just sitting there. Opinions, advice (flames) are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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    Why not just give the tablet edition a go, since it's already there? You obviously won't be using any of its special features, but as long as it does what you want it to do, you'll be laughing and can save instead of getting a full XP.


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      Originally posted by rta01 View Post
      I've got a broken TabletPC that I don't care to get fixed, so the install disks and license are just sitting there
      only a retail version of windows can be [legally] installed on any machine. any copy of windows that came with a PC is licensed for use in that specific machine only. for this reason most install/restore disks are "locked", in other words; the install disks will only install onto your tablet PC. if you try to install them on your laptop it will just give you an error message saying that the copy cannot be installed on that machine.
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        If not,

        Tablet PC edition would be handy with a TS.


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          I use tablet in my car & it's awsome... there are some utilities that are only for tablet edition that are just great on a smaller touchscreen, but that's IF you can get it to install, you may have a better chance of installing on a drive attached to your damaged tablet, then trying to boot the drive on your other machine, this will only work if there similar hardware or it may also bluescreen...

          tablet ed is one of the hardest editions of windows to get your hands on as you really can't buy it, there is no retail version & there even is no pc builders version either, tablet ed is only distributed to manufactures for tablets, shame really as it has a lot of benifits in the car...
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