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1993 BMW 740il mod job N00B

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  • 1993 BMW 740il mod job N00B

    Hi, Guys

    So I was on a page called mini-itx.
    i was looking over their projects and one of them was on a bemmer.
    So me owning a bmw got my attention.
    as i looked over the project, the guy talked about
    So here i am now, completely captivated by the idea of having a pc in my car.
    just the idea opens so many doors.
    id like to trick out my car to be something close to that of the batmobile. =]
    anyways i know i can do this.
    at least the electrical part due to me being an electrical engineer, i mod stuff often, and have built a lot of PCs.........
    as for making it look nice.
    im not going to lie i suck.

    anyways i own a 1993 BMW 740iL and cant wait to start this project.
    im so glad to have found this cite. its so helpful.
    thanks and hello.


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    cool, I'll be waiting for that work log then

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