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Connecting mp3 player in car during fab?

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  • Connecting mp3 player in car during fab?

    Well my plan was to connect an mp3 player up to my speakers using the converter that will make RCA outputs and just splicing them directly with the existing speaker wire, however after some reading I just wanted to confirm that this will not work because the mp3 player does not put out enough power to drive the car speakers?
    And if this is the case I will have to buy an amp for inbetween?

    Also, is an amp necessary for a carputer set-up(using the same theory above, it should be)? and will I have to worry about blowing my factory speakers if I get a low powered amp?


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    your understanding is correct (about mp3 player and carputer needing an amp)

    most factory speakers are rated around 20 watts since most in dash headunits (factory and aftermarket) put out around 20 watts (regardless of claims otherwise).

    Either get a small amp or don't turn the amp gain up past where the speakers begin to distort.