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can a pda phone run front end for touchscreen lilliput?

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  • can a pda phone run front end for touchscreen lilliput?

    i was wondering if I had a pocket pc or a pda if I could load a front end that would allow me to plug in my pda and control the media through my touchscreen? like the xv-6700, if pda's hold all the media I need, shouldnt it be easy to hook one up so you can control it through a front end like road runner? that would save me from putting in the whole computer for my touchscreen, so i guess my question is if i could load road runner onto my pda and then plug it in and control it from my lili touch -thanks

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    can you plug that pda to an external monitor?

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      and can your pda accept a usb "mouse" (essentially what the touchscreen is)? oh, and i don't know any lilli touchscreen drivers for win ce or pocket pc.
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