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Morex 2699 60w power noise

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  • Morex 2699 60w power noise

    So, I'm making my third test run of my system and I noticed as soon as the system powers on there appears to be noise in the line. What I mean by this is, the tv that is plugged into the same surge protector that the pc is plugged in now has a snow in the image, it doesn't add any noise to the sound however.

    I'm curious as to what is causing this, is it the pieces that I'm using as far as the mobo, disc drive & HD or is it possible that the power unit that came with this case is cheap and is not generating "clean" power? I'm considering yanking the atx psu I have in one of my desktops and testing it with the board just to rule out the morex pieces.

    Eventually this system is going into my car once I figure the whole power thing out, but I'd like to straighten this out in the early stages.

    Any help and / or spoonfeeding would be appreciated,
    Thanks in advance
    Got just about all the essentials, still need: Power, Cables, maybe another case fan, Screen, Mitsubishi bootskin, etc.

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    Mostly functional, navigation system is going through overhaul though.