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    Does anyone know of any good GPS Navigation SDK's. I am currently using Teletype GPS and i am not happy with it. I was looking at MapPoint but the SDK seems to be only for VB and web based apps. Is there c++ example on how to control MapPoint.
    If anyone knows prices, that would be helpful too. I emailed ALK Technologies about CoPilot and they wanted 5000. I know TomTom is 200 but i dont know how good it is or if that 200 includes the maps.


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    Copilot SDK

    I am also looking for a good SDK.

    I like the look of copilot - I have also emailed them but they never got back to me, what prices did they give you? was the $5000 just a once off fee and then you pay per license?


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      CoPilot are the ones who are asking for 5000. And it is a one time fee plus pay per license. I have written two navigation programs. One with Teletype and i am in the middle of writting one with MapPoint. Teletype is around 500 and MapPoint is around 200 because all you need to buy is the software and the SDK is free and on msdn.
      However all thier example code is in VB and C# so i had to figure out myself how to add it to a C++ project and convert all their examples to C++. But you have complete control of the map and you have to read and parse the NMEA sentences yourself. Teletypes SDK only has like 15 or so function calls and they are all weak. I had to create a hook to get the turn-by-turn directions.
      TomTom has an SDK for 200. Haven't heard anything good or bad about that.
      It would be nice if someone included a SDK that allowed developers to access the road information.


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        I dont think Teletype or Mappoint have Australian maps (mappoint only seems to be online??) and I am in Australia so maps would be helpful hehe

        I like the CoPilot one because it just runs in the background and sends the info to your own program so it looks better when integrated (but a bit expensive)

        I looked a bit at the TomTom SDK but I'm not sure if it does what the CoPilot one does - from what I have read it seems to just give you the ability to add extra menus to open your own software with or the ability to give TomTom the focus from within your own software.. is this right?


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          If you purchase MapPoint it comes with the maps already. There are location based services that is also comes with that you would need the internet. If you want to put navigation in your car, you can do that with mappoint. It has a North America version and a European version, i dont know if that will cover Australian . Virtual Earth is all online, but is the same code essentially.


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            There is a decent book that gives lots of examples for MapPoint but it uses the 2004 version. Also the examples are in VB and C#.
            The same with the MapPoint help. Lots of examples and visual reps of the programs object hierarchy. This was pretty use full.

            "Programming MapPoint in .Net"

            This link really helped me get started since i was writting a C++ program no VB or C#.

            I hope you are familiar with COM and OLE though.


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              Yeah Mappoint has Australian maps - but only online - is there a way to copy those maps locally and use them for navigation?

              I have been into contact with the people at iDrive - and they have said they can get Australian maps (and anywhere else pretty much) but they are getting back to me with costing. The initial outlay is what I'm worried about because they haven't done Australian maps before - but they said it should work out to about $55 AUD per map which is pretty good.


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                Old thread bump. What do people use today in terms of navigation/mapping/routing SDKs that can run on a laptop and/or Windows CE/Mobile?