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Will install carpc in my Jaguar XJ -96

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  • Will install carpc in my Jaguar XJ -96


    my name is John and I live in Malmö in the south of Sweden.

    I have just ordered a Lilliput 701-GL indash LCD and will try to combine it with a Dell Inspiron 6400. Havent decided on any softwares yet. I will probably go for something relatively simple in the beginning and add on features as I go. This will be a fun project! (I will adjust exactly how "fun" it was when I am done)

    I will install this in my '96 Jaguar XJ. I am looking for a solution which is nice to look at and incorporates MP3 player, GPS navigation, TV, radio, WiFi, bluetooth etc.

    I sell IT equipment for a living but never set it up on my own. Hopefully I will get this working.

    The plan is this.
    1. Wait for screen to arrive
    2. Order auto/air adapter, some cables and GPS antenna
    3. Find out what softwares to use
    4. Get a basic setup working.
    5. Install screen in car, run cabling etc
    6. Swear a lot in between the stages

    The screen has a tv function but here in Sweden we are in the process of closing down the old analogue transmittings and switching over to all digital TV so I will most likely have to use an external tv tuner.

    I dont see any bigger problems (except for my patience running low) doing this. I have read a lot about this and know my way around both cars (more) and computers (semi good).

    I will probably come back with pictures and questions.


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    Seems like you know what you are doing, so keep at it!
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