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  • Cooling question!

    I'm looking to build the PC into either my Glove Compartment or my center console compartment. Both have plenty of room in them, my only issue is with airflow.

    I'm looking to use a VIA Epia motherboard, preferably one of the Luke Corefusion CPU models, so I can go fanless, though I'd probably throw a fan on it, just to be safe.

    Does anyone have any experience with tight spaces like these and cooling them? I'd rather not chop them up to make vents, as I'm trying to keep everything reversible for now, in case I want to sell my car in the future.
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    as long as the air moves around in the glove box it should be fine
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      Ideally, the air needs to flow in and out of the glove box. If the air just circulates around inside the glove box, it's not going to help all that much.

      Via EPIA motherboards are notoriously cool running, so you probably won't have an issue. If you do, a single exhaust fan in the back of the glove box would probably fit the bill.
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        I know in my dad's old toyota, the glove box wasn't completely sealed. On the back and top it was open to behind the dash. So there was tons of air to circulate and lots of gaps (like the vents for your feet) where the air could escape. In my mother's lexus it is completely sealed. No air gets in or out.

        So I think you will be fine with a via board and especially so if you have an "open" designed glovebox.
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          kinda hijacking this thread.
          I got all mine built within the dual din setup. PC CPU hovers around 40-45C, where the screen is very warm, almost hot with the case around it, but no fan. Should I pop a fan in there? It is hot outside, around 100F.


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            40c is right about 104-5f, can't cool better then ambient with air cooling.


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              Originally posted by 999 View Post
              40c is right about 104-5f, can't cool better then ambient with air cooling.
              Thats what I thought. Just the metal screen housing and the metal case gets awfully warm... doesnt bother me, but don't know if it would damage the car in any way


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                Ive run a via carputer behind my dash for over a year now and its fine. I live in one of the hottest places in Australia so Canada temps should be no sweat. The cpu had a tiny fan in it and I put an exhaust fan on the perspex case.
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                  I've had one in my trunk!!! Where no ac reaches problems.
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                    I've got a Jetway mini ITX machine (which I have'nt installed in the car yet). to quiten it down I put in some regulators to slow down 2 case fans. It got up to 70 degrees. I'm a bit worried and I'm thinking I muight have to re-direct some Air Cond. airflow to the case to clool it down a bit more?????
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