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    Originally posted by wniemcow View Post
    My question: Can you buy a stand alone touch screen double din tv/radio unit and plug a Car Pc in it later as a AUX device? (Does that question make sense?)
    Yes, BUT...

    The video display will be of less-than-ideal quality. PC displays don't look too pretty on a TV, which is essentially what this unit is.
    Also, the touchscreen will not control the PC.
    Lastly, you need to output the PC display to cmposite video, which may or may not be an easy thing to pull off, depending on your hardware.
    Ok let me better explain: Take a unit designed for the DOUBLE DIN Slot - with touch screen - install that into dash. Build Car Pc - plug into the unit via aux or whatever the input might be. Is this possible?
    If your PC's video hardware can output composite video, then yes.

    I guess the better question is what do i look for in a unit?
    Ideally, a touchscreen with VGA input.

    Originally posted by wniemcow
    where is red - i bet he knows

    Red is a she.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      You might also be interested in this thread

      There's a double-din touchscreen on the way from Panda innovations that I'm looking to buy -- read about that here


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        Not bad! It would be nice to get a standalone one and mod it with a real VGA screen. It just takes a bit more research.


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          cool monitor

          that panda monitor looks great, i might have to go back to a stock dash