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need help on a few things

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  • need help on a few things

    i am buliding my 1st carputer and i need to know a few things before i start building so i was wondering if you guys can help me.

    first of all can i connect a my sound card straight to the amp via rca cables or do i need something in between.

    for a power supply what kind of thing am i looking for? i found some on ebay but i dont know if they will be right for me.

    what is the best software to use as a media player.

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    #1. Yes you can.
    #2. It all depends. What is your hardware setup? What would you like in your power supply? Check the FAQ's for more answers
    #3. What do you want out of the software? Most people here use Road Runner or Frodoplayer.


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      Honestly, I found myself giving each of the software set ups a demo on my laptop prior to installing it on my carputer. You may want to do the same. There are a lot of options and you may find one that fits you better than others.


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        thanks guys for you help. i will check the FAQ's. i will aslo try out the different types of software that is avaliable and then choose the one which suits me.