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Couple of newbie questions

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  • Couple of newbie questions

    I'm in the process of installing my car computer and I have two rather noobish questions.

    1) I ran a wire directly from my battery into a fused distribution block. The distribution block uses a screw to clamp down the wires which, in my opinion is essentially just a crimped connection. There have been a few posts stating that crimped connections aren't the best quality and are better to avoid. Is there an alternate way of connecting to a distribution block or did I just buy the wrong kind of distribution block?

    2) I'm assuming it's ok since a car's electrical system is a voltage circuit and will only draw as much current as the circuit needs but just to verify, it's ok to wire a 12V automotive 30amp relay directly to the battery, right? I know I don't need it but I just feel a lot safer with having a hard cut off between the battery and my Opus.
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    using that connection on the distro block is actually fine. It's more secure than a crimp connection that others are talking about.

    to the forums btw!
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