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AOpen vs. Mini Mac

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  • AOpen vs. Mini Mac

    Been looking around a pcs for the truck, and I think that I'm down to these two. I need the smallest one I can get due to the limited space I have in my truck. Any opinions on which would suit me better. If I add one to my truck, I would only like to set it up for:

    MP3 collection
    Playing ripped dvds
    Web browsing/email

    But would also like to have the option to expand it in the future.

    It seems that if I go with a mini I will need to install windows on it, due to the lack in frontend and navigation software. That is unless I use parallels, (keep the osx) which I've thought about doing. Just wondering if it would be cheaper to use in the long run the AOpen pc instead.



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    Well the words "cheaper" and "mac" never ever go together. When you buy a mac, you buy the name and the looks. If you are putting windows on it either way, then what some call an "advantage" of osx, is lost, and you have just a basic computer. If you can get them at the same price, then get the mini. Otherwise, just get a regular anything else. Both run off the carnetix. Both have power cable packs for easy installation. Both are pretty much identically spec'ed.

    And windows is the optimal OS for a CarPC if you want the ease of using everything available. There are some nice frontends for mac, as well as linux, but RoadRunner, Centrafuse, StreetDeck, all are PC only, and all have a large following with lots of skins, and support for them. If you look at the average posts in each of their forums, it far outweighs what is in the respective mac and linux subforums.
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      Have you seen the Shuttle X 200. this is what I Plan on using in my truck. I am not sure of the price range you are looking at, It is only about $500.

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