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Hello, and ? about cold cathode ambient operating temps

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  • Hello, and ? about cold cathode ambient operating temps

    Greetings. I've dropped in a few times over the years to check out what kinds of crazy stuff people are up to, but have finally joined the forum. I'm not one for ridiculously complex systems, mostly because I don't have the cash :-) I do have a question though...

    I got to thinking last night w/ a buddy of mine (this is always dangerous) while we were playing with some CCFL strips he bought for his Charger. The 6.1L Hemi has plastic covers on either side of the intake that hide the wiring harnesses for the ignition coils and fuel injectors. They're about 15" long, and have space underneath them... Hmmm, perfect to slide a CCFL tube in to use for engine lighting! It looks amazing, but I'm concerned about the longevity of the tubes if they live under my hood. Does anybody know what temperatures the tubes/inverters are safe to be installed at and/or run at? I don't want to toast them after a month, but daaaamn do I want my engine lit up! Sooo, anybody have an answer?

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    Wow, nothin'? I searched and came up empty in three pages (which is typical for forum search engines). Anybody, anybody, Bueller?

    While we're at it, I'd like to add a second question. You're not supposed to add wire between the inverter and the tube (in pretty much any CCFL kit). Why not? I understand the idea of voltage drop... but if you replace 2' of 18ga wire with 5' of 10ga wire, you'd be fine, right??