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  • Monitoring and ICE

    Hi everyone,

    It's my first post and I'm quit excited to join your gadget-freak nation. I've been into computer and specialy HTPC for the last year and I build couple of personnal PC. I've also been a computer salesman in one of the first BestBuy store in Quebec (Canada) so I know the basic about CPU.

    Recently, I've purchase a new car Smart ForTwo 2006 and I got into carputer forum to see what couple be done. I have some question regarding what is possible and how I can achieved my goal to fully integrated my carputer for active car monitoring and in car entertainement.

    Here my list of what I would like to have or feature my dream carputer should have :

    1- Fuel economy system
    Something similar to Scan Gauge II where I can acces information regarding MPG, time to empty, something to monitor the $$$PG and of course trip-meter (tank, month, year).
    2- Standard OBII tool
    Engine diagnostic tool, RPM, speed, fuel/air ration, turbo PSI (Smart is CDI) and other things.
    3- Cost analysor
    Some kind of integrated EXCEL spreedsheet where I could wrote down the expendure of my car (maintenance, gaz, oil, insurance, driver license and so on). Something to get the car completly automated to get various information.
    4- Maintenance advisor
    This idea can from TF&TF (the fast and the furious). Something to monitor the maintenance I should do on my car. Automaticly pop-up window at 5000 km for oil changes and 50000 km for tire swap.
    5- I think that enough for monitoring
    Enough for now but maybe something to link my security system to my home network.

    1- Audio
    Standard MP3 player with something like 40 Go. of music.
    2- GPS system
    Turn left then right on next exit...
    3- Bluetooth cellphone
    It's always nice to see someone speaking alone with the windows down
    4- Webcam or infrared view
    Maybe / Maybe not... still don't get it but it looks cool.

    1- Part list
    I don't have any clue what should be the part list for minium requirement.
    2- Fast boot
    Who doesn't... I saw flash drive of 4 Go. I think it could be enough for my front end and OS.
    3- Touchscreen
    No keyboard nor mouse
    4- Wireless
    Home network connection and wardriving for raining Sunday afternoon.

    As you can see my list is very long and I don't have anything done right now. I would like to build my carputer in my living room for ICE and touchscreen before implementing the "Monitoring".

    Please advice my about where I should start and what should be my priority and finally what is "impossible" to do with this device.

    Thank you and have a nice day,


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    I'm not sure what you're looking for? I would suggest checking out the work logs and completed projects forums to see what others have done and what hardware they are using.

    i would also check out the FAQ link that's in the nav bar and read some of the FAQs in there to get you going.

    to the forums!
    Jan Bennett
    FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!