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Spare PC laying around. Can I use it as a carPC?

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  • Spare PC laying around. Can I use it as a carPC?

    I have a computer that I was using for my Home Theater PC but since have been retired and just laying around my room. I'm sure it's alittle bit of an overkill for what I want to do (mp3s, videos and movies, web, nav) but I'm thinking it can be done. Here are the specs:

    AMD A64 3200+ @ 2.2ghz
    micro ATX motherboard (onboard NIC, 5.1 sound, and video)
    2 GB DDR2 RAM
    ATI X1600pro video card
    Chaintech 7.1 sound card
    2 - 500GB IDE HDDs

    If space doesn't permit I can remove the video and sound card and just go with the onboard ones. Also I will probably try and make my own case to fit in the trunk area.

    I do have some concerns. 1) How many watts should I look for in a power supply to power this system? 2) To cut down on boot up time will it be feasible to have the system hibernate for extended periods of time (8 hrs parked at work) but shutdown overnight without straining my battery? 3) Obviously I'm going to need a touchscreen lcd but does the touch feature work through the dvi/vga cable or does it use USB or something similar?

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    1) Please see the FAQ link in the nav bar. there is a tutorial in there that will help you determine how big of a PSU you need.

    2) People go into hibernate or stand-by all the time rather than shutting down fully. As to how to have it know when you want it to do what, not sure there's a way to do such a thing without you telling it every time.

    3) TS works through USB usually. Check out the LCD forum for more info on the various screens that are avaliable.

    Jan Bennett
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