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What carputer is good for running an tuning software with serial port and for gps??

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  • What carputer is good for running an tuning software with serial port and for gps??

    Hello to everyone first off, making my first post here. I started doing some searching but I really know nothing so don't know what even to search for.

    OK well basically as the title says. I am looking for a carputer that is small so it can fit in my glove box or ideally in my arm rest. I need it mostly to run an ecu tuning software. That ecu has to be plugged in via a serial port. So the comp would need that. I would also like to run a nice gps program on it and then just really to store and play all my mp3's. So don't need anything fancy just an inexpensive one that will be good for what I need it to be. I don't want anything that will have to go in the trunk etc. I am going to hook it up to 7" or 8" touch screen lcd that will mount in the dash somewhere.
    I am retarded when it comes to computers and all. Know nothing!
    Would I need to have a fan built into the armrest or something so it wouldn't over heat in the summer and all?
    Would I need anything else to make this work? I would need the comp to run on windows also as that is what my tuning software runs on.

    All suggestions would be really appreciated! ----Thanks ---Ryan.

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      What are the dimensions that you are working with? Keeping a computer from over heating is always a good idea, so trying to shove it into the smallest space with minimal ventilation usually never works out well.

      There are many many sytem configurations that I think could fit what you are looking for. I am selling my Car-Pooter, but I was very satisfied with the size of the Travla C-134 enclosure, that requiring a very select few mother boards and other hardware due to its compact size, but loaded, its a great little machine.

      What car are you installing this in? Is their room under the driver or pasanger seat to mount it there? Many many options to look at.


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        Well if it could be put under the passenger seat and then some how wired to automatically turn on when the car does or something that would work. I wouldn't want to have to reach under the seat every time to turn it on. I was looking at the mac mini cause of it's size, but something else around that size would be good. Need it to run windows for my ecu program. The car is a 96 eclipse gst. Is there any way to have it wired up so when you turn the car off it will not just cut the power to the computer but shut it down first?
        What is the price range really for a simple carputer that has a serial port and windows that would work with a good gps program and then also just play mp3's and be able to be hooked up to a touch screen lcd?


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          To get it to boot up on when the car starts you just need a start up controller. I think you will be happy with the Travla C-134. It is tiny.

          I was using the EPIA M 10000 Motherboard. Worked great for me. It was small enough to fit under the seat of my Tiburon.

          As far as GPS, I used iGuidance, works well enough. For media I used Media Engine, I beta'd Centrafuse and loved it, however Media Engine worked well for what I wanted. But take a look around, there are a lot of great software options.


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            It helps to have a basic understanding of what it takes to put a PC in your car. There are many useful writeups in the FAQ's (from the banner on top of this page.) Here is a good one to get you started: