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1997 F-150, Needs a new friend... New to Car Modding.

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  • 1997 F-150, Needs a new friend... New to Car Modding.

    I decided to join these forums when I saw that there was actually someone knowledgeable about laptop LCD screens here enough to have posted something that answered a question ive had for years. (No you cannot take a laptop LCD, solder some stuff onto it and make it work with a desktop)

    With that said. I have a 1997 Ford F-150 that id like to do a little bit of modding and adding a more modern touch to it. For some back ground information on myself, I am a computer tech, so when it comes to fixing, and hardware im knowledgeable. As for soldering things together, thats a different matter.

    If you take a look at a picture of a F-150's interior, you will notice that the location of the Radio, Air condition, ect, is a perfect square. To me that screams out "Put an LCD HERE" Id like to see about removing all of those old clunky controls and replace it with an LCD that is controlled by an analog stick that you control with your thumb on the steering wheel. I was thinking as far as making it a computer with the ability to record video from CCTV cameras that are hooked up around the truck.

    But first, ill let you guys talk to me, and find out the practicality of the situation. One barrier I see, is turning the currently switches and knobs, into computer controlled devices... Seems like i have alot of modding to do with little motors/servos or something.

    Anyone able to shed some light on this type of modding?

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    Yep, it sure does, thats what I did to mine, moved the AC unit and radio into a custom build center console. And the Molded a 8 inch lilliput touch screen into it.


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      Ohhh, Now that I like!

      I ended up picking up a little 7.2 wide LCD from a pawn shop for 20 bucks (It was 40) its a little junker but I figure It will hold me over for awhile until I decide to put some real cash into it.

      I never though of putting that dash in the middle, very smart idea.

      What sort of issues did you run into with wiring and such to that middle console? Minus the screen, what were the costs you ran into to make this project happen.

      One of my biggest concerns is that this system would be in the truck here in Alaska. During the winter (About 1 week away) it will easily get down to 10*F, during the middle of the winter It is not uncommon to see temps at -40*F and as low as -60*F (-70 if we have some records) Meaning I would have to look for equipment that can AT THE LEAST, be able to be stored in those sort of harsh temps, and if possible run at them. The upside is that I do not have to worry about a computer system overheating, the downside is Condensation comes into play as well.

      One last thing... Tools, anything special needed tool wise to take the consoles out? Perhaps a special Ford propritary tool

      Thanks for sharing your pics, I thought no one would have answered me You gave me a new direction for this possible project


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        Welcome Haemon, I'm new here too.

        How do you like living in Alaska?

        If you want to dedicate your computer to cctv camera recording, Vpon makes a pci card and a IDE Flash that you use.

        Enjoy car computing
        My Worklog
        I'm using my carputer 100%, but I still need to make it easier to use.


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          If it helps...check out my pictures. I turned the 60/40 bench seat into two buckets, added a Navigator center console. Molded the AC controls into the console (still needs finishing), moved the HU to the console (used an upside down Navigator rear seat overhead AC control console cover to cover the HU).
          Pentium III
          601mhz, 288gb RAM
          60gb hard drive @7800 RPM (upgraded from 5gb!)
          nlited Windows XP pro
          Gateway Solo 2150 laptop
          power switch extended
          8" Lilli molded in-dash

          project 75% complete


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            For sale...


            I'm thinking about selling my screen setup.
            Would you be intererested? I want to upgrade to a 10.4 inch screen. I already have the new bezel and screen, but wanted to sell it.
            I know a few people locally that want to buy it. But I am the only one that has a setup like this at car shows around here. And it I sell it to somebody locally, that my wow factor disappears. Know what I'm saying?


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              Hmmm... thats a thought. What sort of climate has it been subjected to. Could you send some of that wow fator my way in the form of pics . If all things allowing, what sort of price are you looking for them and what do you propose for shipping to Alaska?

              To answer the above questions... I don't care too much for the winters when I can't get on my snowmobiles and race across the snow. Sucks that gas prices have hit a high like they have, makes it not to practical to go zipping around on my sled.

              Im also starting to question whether the majority of the displays and systems out there would last in the truck seeing as it is not garaged and is subjected to sub -40*F weather from time to time.


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                I was looking to get $275.
                Thats how much I payed for the monitor and then I molded it.
                Not sure about shipping, but if its not incredible expensive I'll ship it for free.
                Thats if I get $275
                I can send you some pics.
                Get me your email address and I will go out there and send them from my IPhone.
                Not entirely sure about the tempature.
                I'm not sure that I could last at negative 40 below...
                I have when it gets to freezing here.
                It has been like at 10 degrees before with no probs.
                LEt me know what you want to do.

                Contact me at [email protected]


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                  I lowered the price to $200....
                  Still want it?